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The Only FDA Approved Immediate Dental Implant On the Market Today

Dental implants have become one of the most effective restoration procedures in the field and are highly recommended for patients needing to fill gaps caused by missing teeth. When they first appeared on the market, dental implants were out of financial reach for the majority of patients due to the high costs of equipment and materials. However, after decades of advancements in technology, the process of placing a dental implant has become more achievable and efficient than ever.

For some patients, the process of getting a dental implant can last for months, between extractions, placements, bone grafts, and recovery. Now, with the only FDA approved device on the market, you could qualify for an immediate dental implant procedure, allowing you to leave with a brand new smile after only one appointment

Bone integrity is vital when it comes to supporting your natural teeth and dental implants. If your bone is not strong enough to sustain a root or dental screw, it could result in missing teeth and exposed gums, allowing for the further chance of sustaining damage or infection. For patients who suffer from weak areas in their jawbone, bone grafting can be a life changing procedure. With the goal of promoting bone growth, bone grafting can strengthen areas of weakness to properly hold replacement teeth needed for a fully functioning mouth.

Preserving your natural teeth is always our priority, but in some cases and extraction is the best and only solution. There are other reasons an extraction may be needed such as developing extra teeth, crowding, trauma or extensive decay. Our goal is to provide a smooth and comfortable experience for an uncomfortable treatment.

When wisdom teeth become impacted or erupt incorrectly, it can cause pain and lead to serious oral health issues such as Pericoronitis or extensive decay due to lack of space in order to brush properly. Removing your wisdom teeth will facilitate better oral hygiene.

We offer a variety of dental sedation options to help relieve anxiety. Not everyone enjoys going to the dentist – in fact, most people do not. Fear of pain, discomfort, or sharp dental tools can cause extreme anxiety before appointments, or even result in patients avoiding dental treatment altogether. Modern dental providers are understanding of this fear, especially in older patients who may have multiple dental issues to address. Using several methods of sedation dentistry, dentists have encouraged individuals to get back into the chair, significantly increasing the rate of good oral health and hygiene.

This is when we stabilize an existing or new dentures with dental implants that attach to the denture. Wither semi-permanent or removable. The most popular is the removeable or "swap fix".